Tanja Tetzlaff and Gunilla Suessmann at the Piano Salon Christophori

Last week I had the pleasure to hear Tanja Tetzlaff and Gunilla Suessmann playing a program including works of Chopin, Sibelius and Grieg at the Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin. It’s been an amazing concert in a unique environment that truly touched me! Below are some images I could make for the artist.

4795_Tanja_Tetzlaff_Gunilla_Suessmann_Piano_Salon_Christophori_Berlin_©Christoph_Soeder_20160115 als Smartobjekt-14835_Tanja_Tetzlaff_Gunilla_Suessmann_Piano_Salon_Christophori_Berlin_©Christoph_Soeder_20160115 als Smartobjekt-14797_Tanja_Tetzlaff_Gunilla_Suessmann_Piano_Salon_Christophori_Berlin_©Christoph_Soeder_20160115 als Smartobjekt-1


Link to this article Posted on 21. January 2016