One of the biggest pleasures at the opening night of my graduation show has been to welcome Sally. Sally who’s a leader of the Alopecia UK Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire support group took off her wig for the first time ever in front of someone to be photographed for my project and described this as taking the next step in accepting alopecia. Although being slightly startled seeing her image so big on the wall at the beginning, Sally appreciated her visit to the show and has now started to let people know about her condition by publishing her image online. It’s an honour seeing my project tying into this process and having some very concrete and positive impact. Thanks for letting me be part of this Sally!

Sally describes going through alopecia and the steps of dealing with it in her own words here on PrettyBald is run by Victoria who also participated in the project and is a great initiative raising positive awareness and helping people affected by alopecia.


With Sally in front of her portrait at the grad show opening in Cardiff. 2015 Photo © Catalin Munteanu


With Sally and Ioanna who did the fabulous makeup for most portraits including Sally’s. 2015 © Catalin Munteanu


Sally from the series Unfading. 2015 Photo © Christoph Soeder



Link to this article Posted on 8. June 2015