59th anniversary of the beginning of construction of the Berlin Wall

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Protest against coronavirus pandemic regulations

Photos of a protest against coronavirus pandemic rules from Saturday 1st August 2020 in Berlin on the covers of newspapers from Monday 3rd August 2020.

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Nationale Demenzstrategie

Since October last year I have photographed for the research institute Deutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen (DZA) (German Centre of Gerontology), covering a wide range of aspects within society involving age. It has been an interesting journey with truly inspiring encounters.

Some images have now been published illustrating the «Nationale Demenzstrategie» (National Dementia Strategy), in which German federal government outlines its strategies of engagement in relation to dementia.

Sample pages from the «Nationale Demenzstrategie» (National Dementia Strategy)

Website: Nationale Demenzstrategie

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Update Press-Photography

A destroyed photograph of a beach is seen on a door inside a Berlin U-Bahn station. Various travel restrictions currently apply to contain the corona virus.

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Hospital clowns performing as the spread of the coronavirus continues

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Images 1-10

Ute von Koerber from the association «Lachen hilft» (laughing helps) performs as hospital clown «Vitamine» in her apartment in Potsdam for 11 year old Pauline. Pauline takes part by videoconference from the children’s ward of the Carl-Thiem-Klinikums Cottbus alongside hospital clown «Frollein Cloudine» (Helga Schimonsky) from Hannover.

Images 11-19

Tanja Selmer (red) as hospital clown «Tiffy» and Julia Gotzmann (blue) as hospital clown «Fridolina», both from the association «Lachen hilft» (laughing helps), perform in the yard of the home fo the elderly Haus am Mariengrund Brandenburg an der Havel for residents.

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Homepage screenshots

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70th International Berlinale Film Festival

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Iván Fischer – BBC Music Magazine

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