Forgetting Forgetfulness

It is with great excitement that I share my newest project Forgetting Forgetfulness today and wish all a truly wonderful New Year 2018!

Mrs Blank and Michael Bäßler

Music has a unique effect on people, but also specifically on the human memory. Neurologists know that the brain area handling memories of music is damaged relatively late by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This is why affected people, despite dementia, remember music from their childhood and adolescence. Music therapists use this phenomenon to get in contact with old people, to help them remember and to give them back their identity for a certain time.

Behind the scenes: Mr Hom singing with Julia Pohl

It has been a moving journey making images, which I hope, show the human and emotional side of a phenomenon that I first read about in a scientific journal 2 years ago.

My gratitude goes to all the participants and to the music therapists Michael Bäßler and Julia Pohl, who, with their work, bring hope into what could very well be darkness only. Special thanks also to neurologist Professor Dr. Carsten Finke for explaining the neurological aspects in the video and to Anna Kristina Bückmann for the great cooperation with the interviews and for contributing the written words to this project.

Please see the gallery HERE (for faster display pls. avoid using Safari on Mac).

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