dpa Pictures of the Year 2020

I’m honored to be represented again alongside such talented colleagues in the dpa Pictures of the Year 2020 with a picture of painter Innokenti Baranov (2nd place in the category «Arts & Entertainment») and the series of Clinic clowns of the Potsdam based association «Lachen hilft e.V.» (3rd place in the category «Story»)! Congrats to all fellow dpa-photographers!

Innokenti Baranov, painter, stands in his studio, which is set up in a room of the coffee shop and gallery space «Berio» in Berlin-Schöneberg. Artists are given the opportunity to set up their studio in the front room which is closed due to corona lockdown and create art work under the eyes of passers-by.

Clinic clowns of the Potsdam based association «Lachen hilft e.V.» perform for residents of two homes for the elderly in Potsdam and Jüterbog. The clinic clowns went out in two teams of five to perform for residents of different social and medical facilities. Their aim is to provide emotional support in these difficult times of social distancing, says Tanja Selmer (Clown Tiffy). A special permit from the health authorities allowed them to gather to make music for this specific occasion after having all been tested for the coronavirus and given they follow hygiene regulations.

Participating Clowns: Tanja Selmer as «Tiffy» (l-r), Nicole Bergsträßer as «Pepina», Andreas Böhlke as «Tute Caruso», Joanna Nelles as «Lilo» and Ute von Koerber as «Vitamine»


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