Dear Friends,


We have a dream of a TrumplessWorld

A world where new technologies and environmentally responsible industries are taking the lead of the market away from automotive, petroleum and pharmaceuticals.
A world in which we embrace business development that ensures that profits are distributed fairly.
A world in which no one is afraid or insecure because everyone has access to a basic income when jobs are lost.
A world in which social and non-profit organizations provide activity for unemployed and socially vulnerable people to help integrate.
A world in which people are nourished due to equality in sharing.
A world that is open to immigration and consistent with all citizens where it is natural to embrace the rules.

It is possible that this dream becomes true.
We need to support those who are committed to a trumpless world in politics, business and society.

Join in and take the first steps with us into a TrumplessWorld.

A project by Karenine Reber, Lo Breier, Tim Renner, Christoph Soeder

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Trumpless in Dellas Tx

Link to this article Posted on 4. May 2017