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German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender attend the first Sunday service following church closure due the coronavirus at the protestant St. Marienkirche in Berlin.

A woman wearing a face mask sits in a Berlin S-Bahn train.

A newspaper promoter has put transparent plastic film on his counter and wears a face shield for protection against the coronavirus in Berlin.

Bobby-Cars and other vehicles for children are piled up and locked in front of a Kindergarden in Berlin.

A woman wearing a mask holds a banner at a demonstration on the eve of Walpurgis night in Berlin.

A banner reading «In solidarity we are less alone!» lies in front of the Brandenburg Gate before the start of a rally of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) on labour day 2020. Due to the corona pandemic the maximum amount of participants for rallies is restricted to 20 people.

A policeman with a face mask stands on the Alexanderplatz on 1st May.

A man wearing a face mask showing a sewn up mouth takes part in a demonstration against the restrictions to contain the coronavirus.

Ute von Koerber from the association «Lachen hilft» (laughing helps) performs as hospital clown «Vitamine» in her apartment in Potsdam for 11 year old Pauline.

Pauline takes part by videoconference from the children’s ward of the Carl-Thiem-Klinikums Cottbus.

Tanja Selmer (top right in red) as hospital clown «Tiffy» and Julia Gotzmann (top right in blue) as hospital clown «Fridolina», both from the association «Lachen hilft» (laughing helps), perform in the yard of the home fo the elderly Haus am Mariengrund Brandenburg an der Havel for residents.

A resident takes part in a performance.

Granddaughter Britta Grabowski uses her phone to play a birthday song to her 95 years old Grandmother Inge Haberland, who sits behind a window of the home for the elderly Haus am Mariengrund in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Two women wearing face masks walk under blooming cherry trees in Berlin.

Cherry tree blossom in Berlin

Rainbow in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Passenger Maja waits at Berlin Tegel Airport for a bus to Poland as the corona crises unfolds. Entering Poland by plane is not possible anymore, once there she will have to go for two weeks into quarantine.

A destroyed photograph of a beach is seen on a door inside a Berlin U-Bahn station. Various travel restrictions currently apply to contain the corona virus.

A man wearing a face mask walks along a painted wall in Berlin.

A woman looks at an almost empty freezer for vegetables in a supermarket in Berlin.

Two men train on a fitness site in Berlin which was closed in order to slow down the spread of the corona virus.

An Illustration of the coronavirus is seen on an electronic billboard in Berlin, as people walk past.

Parliament buildings of the German Bundestag

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Prime Minister of Brandenburg Dietmar Woidke (SPD) at the chancellery during a press event

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (l-r), former German President Joachim Gauck, his partner Daniela Schadt and Elke Büdenbender, wife of Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at a reception at Schloss Bellevue

Former Head of German union Frank Bsirske (l-r), German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD), head of HR of German industrial conglomerate Siemens Janina Kugel and professor of sociology­ Sabine Pfeiffer­ during a press conference at the Ministry of Labor in Berlin

Thermal image of Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate and temporary SPD-Head Malu Dreyer, Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD), Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), German Federal Minister of Defense Annegret CDU-Head Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Prime Minister of Bavaria and CSU-Head Markus Söder presenting the government’s climate protection program.

Thermal image shows a protest in front of the chancellery with a banner reading ‘return of the climate chancellor?!’.

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas (SPD) during a conversation with journalists on the plane while traveling to North Macedonia

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) is seen in the viewfinder of a tv-camera at German Bundestag during a statement

European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde and German Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) greet each other at the ‘VDZ Publishers' Night 2019’ in Berlin.

Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) speaks to a protestor at a rally of taxi drivers in front of the Ministry of Transport.

German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen (CDU, now European Commission President) waits at the Villa Borsig in Berlin for guests of the ‘Northern Group’ meeting of defense ministers.

Members of a 'Fridays for Future' protest for climate justice hold a banner in the German Bundestag, while a young man runs to take the banner away. The protest happened during the plenary game ‘Youth in Parliament’.

A young man runs away with the banner of a ‘Fridays for Future' protest for climate justice in the German Bundestag. The incident happened during the plenary game ‘Youth in Parliament’.

Minister of Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) at the German Bundestag during a plenary debate. Amongst other things the agenda of the day includes votes on asylum and residence laws and workers immigration law.

German Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) in the German Bundestag

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin

German Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) and Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller (SPD) at the opening tour of the International Green Week fair in Berlin

German Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) sits surrounded by children at the presentation of a children’s rights book in a day nursery in Berlin.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) speaks to Angelika Dzemailova during the visit of a housing project for people with HIV in Berlin.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) speaks during the visit of a housing project for people with HIV in Berlin.

Funeral of physician Fritz von Weizsaecker, son of the former Federal President, who was stabbed to death by a man with a knife while he was giving a lecture in a clinic.

'Fridays for Future' demonstration in Berlin

German climate activist Luisa Neubauer speaks at a 'Fridays for Future' protest in Berlin.

Masks of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD) are being covered after a protest by ‘Fridays for Future’ and the NGO ‘Campact’ in front of the chancellery.

Activists protest against the climate politics of German government by taking a bath in the Spree end of November with a prop of the ‘Klimapaket’.

Members of the office of the Brandenburg Bündnis 90/Die Grünen party deflate an earth shaped ballon stating “There is no planet B.“ after a party conference of the green party Brandenburg in Potsdam.

Finnish climate activist Sandra at a protest of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement in Berlin

Climate activist Greta Thunberg gives autographs at the ‘Goldenen Kamera’ Gala in Berlin.

Artist Ai Weiwei comes out of a door next to his artwork «Safety Jackets Zipped the Other Way» in his Studio in Berlin

Runners at the 46th Berlin-Marathon

A runner at the 46th Berlin-Marathon

The Berlin Olympiastadium during the Lollapalooza Festival

Spectators at the Lollapalooza Festival

EU supporters with masks of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II stand in front of Brandenburg Gate in the night of Brexit, as the UK leaves the European Union.

Chairman of the far right AfD Brandenburg party Andreas Kalbitz is being prepared for a tv-talk on the evening of the Brandenburg state elections.

People wave flags at a campaigning event of the far right AfD party in Cottbus, Brandenburg.

Honorary chairman (former co-leader) of the AfD party Alexander Gauland at an election party of his party on the evening of the European elections in Berlin.

Top candidate of the AfD party for the European elections Joerg Meuthen (M) and top candidate of the Berlin AfD party for the European elections Nicolaus Fest (r) follow the projections of the results of the European elections at the AfD election party in Berlin.

Summer at the Berlin Schlachtensee

Police officers investigate a crime scene of a murder in central Berlin.

Directors Gustave Kervern (l) and Benoit Delepine present their Silver Bear trophy at the 70th International Berlinale Film Festival.

Actresses Talia Ryder (l) and Sidney Flanigan at the 70th International Berlinale Film Festival

Actor Omar Sy joins photographers at the 70th International Berlinale Film Festival during a photo call.

Actor Christian Bale takes a selfie with a fan at the 69th International Berlinale Film Festival.

Hillary Rodham Clinton at the 70th International Berlinale Film Festival

Till Lindemann, Frontsinger of Rammstein, performs at the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Till Lindemann, Frontsinger of Rammstein, performs at the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Author Charlotte Roche is being styled right before posing for photographs in Berlin.

A man walks near Stuttgart Hoffeld in front of a forest covered in fog.

A boy looks at the artwork „I. . . I. . . I. . .” by Ryan Gander at the Galerie Esther Schipper during Berlin Gallery Weekend, while being held back by his mother.

Artist Andris Eglītis lies in his installation ‘Beauty-Sleep-Capsule‘ in the ruin of the Franziskaner Kloster Church in Berlin.

Scene of the musicals ‘Candide‘ at the Komische Oper Berlin

The hands of Ruth Rosenfeld playing Lady Madeline seen at a performance of ‘Usher’ at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden.

Musician Herbert Grönemeyer sings at the ‘Unteilbar’ demonstration in Berlin.

Dragqueen Aquaria performs at ‘RuPaul's Drag Race’ in Berlin.

Benjamin Hartmann shakes the paw of his mini pig Shade in his apartment in Berlin.

Kabir Ebrahimi performs a somersault on Tempelhofer Field in Berlin during a festival for giant kites.

A man with a haircut common to neo-nazis is seen at a nazi rally in Berlin in front of a banner, which reads „Ich bereue nichts“ (I don‘t regret anything).

A woman with a banner reading „Omas gegen rechts" (grandmothers against right) is seen during an anti-nazi demonstration in Berlin.

Two participants of an anti-nazi demonstration in Berlin kiss next to a banner, which reads „Red card against the right“.

Participants of a neo-nazi festival in Themar, Thüringen, walk past white crosses, placed by counter-demonstrators, in remembrance of the 193 victims murdered since 1990 in Germany by far-right offenders.

Thomas Jakob, organiser of a demonstration against a neo-nazi festival in Themar, Thüringen, stands in front of the festival tent of the neo-nazis with a white cross in his hand.

Asimina Psaltira sits in front of her burnt house in Mati. Psaltira fled from the flames into the sea, where she stayed for five hours, while the fire waged over the coastal area 30 km outside of Athens.

Members of the Greek Red Cross are seen in Mati. Leaving 100 dead the wildfire of July 2018 was the second-deadliest in the 21st century.

Volunteers search the coast of Mati for victims after a deadly wildfire waged days before.

Graffiti artist Alexander Frank jumps over the half-finished 3D pedestrian crossing in Schmalkalden, Thüringen.

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